Sir Conrad Buff IV

Ha ha! Adventure! What a ripping good time what what.


Moxie: 4
Focus: 2
Craft: 2
Grace: 2
Shine: 3


Gremlin Syndrome


Sir Conrad Buff IV is a fine upstanding flibbertigibbet who is excellent at flying and never crashes into vital things at awkward moments. He is a fully trained beast finder and was definitely paying attention during the ’elf and safety briefing about safe beast riding and was not distracted by a cloud that looked a lot like a dog in a hat.

Conrad has large red eyes and medium-length, wavy, silky, sand-colored hair worn in a military-style style. He has a lithe build. He has insect powers that come from his pixie heritage. His costume is blue and white in even proportions, looks like a fusion of a sorcerer’s robes and a schoolboy’s outfit, and it looks as if it is made from chitin.

Sir Conrad Buff IV

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