Character generation

Step 1: Pick what type of fairy you are

  • BakenekoAgility (You can’t fly, but you can scuttle up walls/across ceilings like a spider, squeeze through tiny gaps, and leap great distances), Ghost Flame (You get +1 edge in all contests against Big Folk as their ancestors berate them for opposing a kitty.)
  • BrownieFlight, Instant Wardrobe (You do not need a Break to change Costumes, and can do so any time you’re not actively rolling for a test or contest. You can still use the regular Quick Change rules if you pay the cost.)
  • ElfTwinkle Toes (You can walk on air as though it was solid ground; when you do, your footsteps emit puffs of sparkles and a noise like tiny bells), Protagonist Syndrome (You get +1 edge against any opponent who has at least +1 edge against you.)
  • FairySuperior Flight (Your wings let you fly with great speed and precision. You get +1 edge in any contest of speed or mobility.)
  • GoblinAgility (You can’t fly, but you can scuttle up walls/across ceilings like a spider, squeeze through tiny gaps, and leap great distances), Keen senses (You may count this power as a bonus Quirk that stacks with your Personal Quirks on any roll. In addition, Surprise Attacks don’t count as surprise attacks against you.)
  • Kelpie — Run Like Flowing Water (Run exceptionally swiftly, swim as fast as you can run. Usually take a more circuitous route and arrive at same time as flying friends.)
  • PixieFlight, Resilient (Your stress limit is increased by five.)
  • Sasabonsam Iron-toothed tree dwellers — As Goblin.
  • SpriteFlight, Charmed Life (Whenever you roll one or more 6s in a test or contest, you may receive one extra magic token without giving the GM an extra trouble die.)

Optional powers

You may replace your non-flight/non-movement ability with one of the following, appropriate to your Kind. Fairies may trade in “Superior Flight” for Flight and another power.

  • BrownieArtisan (When you take a Break you may perform the equivalent of a full night’s work crafting/repairing items appropriate to your current Costume. This counts as an automatically successful test, with a Result equal to your highest facet, and may advance a relevant shenanigan. You may not change Costume or Scrounge during the same break you use the power.), Borrower (You may stash any object that you can lift somewhere on your person. It’s unclear where you’re keeping it. When you stress out, everything you had is left behind. Otherwise stashed items can’t be stolen or located by any means. If you have too many objects, the DM can make you roll a test to pull out the right one.), Gourmand (You recover twice as much stress from eating food.)
  • ElfDramatic Comeback (When you lose a contest, you gain +1 edge against whatever beat you until you either win a contest against the affected target or Stress Out. This stacks with itself to a maximum of +3 edge.), Foreshadowing (You may use Wishful Thinking to put a Temporary Quirk on the story itself. This Quirk lasts until the end of the session or until the GM pays five trouble to remove it. You may only place one such Quirk on the story at a time, but may change it by using this Power again.), Plot Armour (Plot Armour* (You suffer -1 stress from all sources.)
  • FairyDomino Effect (You gain two dice instead of one when you tag a Quirk you created yourself.), Friendship is Magic (When you assist a friend’s roll, you may spend 1 magic point to give her an extra die. In addition, when you’re assisting a friend’s roll and she rolls at least one six, you gain one magic point.), Quick-fingered (You may count this Power as a bonus Quirk that stacks with your personal Quirks on any roll.)
  • GoblinGremlin Syndrome (You inflict +1 stress in all contests), Omnivore (You many consume any inanimate object and never suffer stress as a result of eating. You may count this Power as a bonus Quirk on any roll to eat something, including Wishful Thinking rolls to eat intangibles or extractions.), Regeneration (You may spend 1 magic point at any time to recover 1d6 stress.)
  • PixiePixie persistence (When your Stress exceeds your stress limit, you may make one final roll – a test, contest, or Wishful Test – before Stressing Out. You always Stress Out after making the roll even if you recover stress.), Pixie Power (You gain +1 edge in contests where brute strength is a major factor.), Pixie Promise (Whenever you Stress in a contest, whoever or whatever inflicted that stress on you suffers 1 stress in return.)
  • Sasabonsam — As goblins.
  • SpriteColocation (You may access the Quirks, but not the powers, of any costume in your possession regardless of whether you’re actually wearing it, because your past and future selves show up occasionally! Or you’re in two places at once! If you roleplay both your current and past/future selves, you may tag a Quirk of your current Costume and a Quirk of one of your unworn Costumes in the same roll.), Ignorance Is Bliss (You gain +1 edge against hazards), Wish Enablers (You may count this Power as a bonus Quirk that’s always applicable to Wishful Thinking, you may also use it to assist other fairies Wishful Thinking rolls.)

Apply facets
Your facets are normally on a scale of 1 to 4, so allocate one of the the numbers to each Facet: 4, 3, 2, 2,1.

Your facets are Moxie, Focus, Craft, Grace and Shine.

(In this system, apply your highest number to the one you want to be best at/expect to use most often, because you’re trying to roll equal to or under it.)

(We are running with the optional “roll 2d6 and surprise me” stats, if you’re doing that please tell me and I’ll get the dice roller ready.)

Pick quirks

Pick two quirks! One based off your highest facet, one based off your lowest. There are nine pages of potential quirks, I ain’t typing all of that up, we will look at the rule book. Or you can roll on the random charts! Your quirks will influence/represent your fairy’s personality, so choose accordingly!

Finishing touches!

What does your fairy look like? What’s their name? Have you written down their stress limit? (It should be ten unless you’re a pixie with the default powers).

Character generation

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